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  • Company profile
  • ARC originally founded by international famous organizations engaging in market research, like SRG etc, together with pioneers who are dealing in social investigation early in the mainland China, ARC had developed its business relationships with many bodies, such as SRG, Social Survey Institute of China (SSIC), TNS, Gallup etc. In 2002, CMR had been growth to be a professional market research company co-established by the first-class Research Academy, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and Chinese Association for Development Strategy.
    Market research was born in the 20th century when marketization and globalization dominated our society, at that time the improvement of living quality, coupled with diversification of demand resulted in emergence of the era of commodity homogeneity, whereas modernization of service industry further plunged marketing management industry into perplexed situation.

    Founded in 1997, ARC is an independent research consulting company. At present, its business scope has been developed to the extent of covering research on living habit, marketing research, review of satisfaction degree, mystery client, and collection of terminal information etc, ARC provides service of market research for the overseas enterprises from Europe and North America etc, but also with a view to provide internationalization professional research and information collection for the domestic enterprises who attempt to enter international market.
    Undergone more than 600 study cases, ARC had successfully helped their clients discerned and understood the complicated and ever-changing Chinese market by utilization of its effective research methods, substantially improved the decision-making quality of their clients. In fact, ARC had become a main force supporting their decision on marketing solution.