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  • You did an excellent job in research. The first cooperation with you impressed us every much, for you come up with very strict and scientific approaches and sample designs, and colleagues you appointed worked hardly, especially for Ms. Lv who, within few days, had visited a lot of peoples from urban areas to counties over several cities, showing strong professional ability. As a result, your investigation provides us with explicit judgment on the markets, also a good marketing lesson for us to learn from.

    ¡ª¡ªEngineer Xu, the General Office of Jilin Grain & Oil Group, 2006

    Thank you very much for your report that helps us to understand China market, along with the operation characteristics of China Telecom industry, and chances for cooperation with them. Your research paved the way for our entrance into Chinese market, meanwhile, we very appreciate your introduction to the counterparts of China Telecom industry, which created excellent conditions for our following march into China market and choose appropriate Chinese partners.

    ¡ª¡ªthe president of France ARKADIN Telecom, 2006

    The open letter to the outstanding partner of Longhu Real Estate

    Thank you for your trust and support all the time to us, Longhu Real Estate Development Inc. for the cooperative party, we persist in ¡°Principle of the same boat¡±, in other words, ¡°The cooperative partners are on the same way with us, and outstanding partners determine our competitive edge, thus, the agreement between the two sides is sacred, serious, and must be abided.¡± Longhu Real Estate hopes to grow together and co-develop with you in Beijing market based on our cooperation over past years, and achieve win-win solution, mass profits and common benefits as well.

    ¡ª¡ªLonghu Group (Beijing), 2006

    We had been cooperating for three years already, and your hard work is highly appreciated. Moreover, ACR gives its best in collaboration, the sampling scheme that resulted from repetitious discussions ultimately overcame the difficulty in which it¡¯s hard to study the construction market in rural areas of China with limited samples available, particular in the researchers who further their step into the basic level of country for visit and observe, accordingly, established a set of benchmark-based guideline for investigation of China rural market, which had been incorporated into an integral part of our international research. We would like to cooperate with you for a long term.

    Mr. Zhang, Beijing Office, International Copper Association, ICA, 2006

    We cooperate with ACR by reference to technical standards of P&G., they left us good impression over the cooperation for several times, in terms of hard work, good credit and response quickly, indeed, a time-tested company.

    Ms. Tang, Director of Research Department, Jiangzhong Medical Co. Ltd, 2005

    Your report is much better than the consultation report we have invested million Yuan to make before! Therefore, we are very grateful of ACR staff who spent a dozen of days working consecutively for this job, also, admire your decisive adjustment on any problem occurred in the progress of our project, indicating that you are indeed the experts of this industry, we are very glad to work with you!

    ¡ª¡ªDirector of business operation, Beijing (HK) Palace Cultural Products Co., Ltd., 2005

    We are sure that you are experts familiar with the domestic market, and the data you provided are authentic, along with very convincing suggestions. The research on Southwest users could be used as reference by which we may improve customer management, also great reference value for our group in next regrouping.

    ¡ª¡ªMr. Ma, the president of marketing department, Beijing Representative Office, France LAFRGE Group, 2005

    Through cooperation with Hai Ping, ACR for many years, we have taken you as our assistant in consulting business, also intimate partner. You always present high level quantitative research, along with top-ranking site control. The projects with your helps never lack of positive comments from the customers, we sincerely thank you for that, and wish to cooperate with you as before!

    Chen Yu, and Cheng Lianfang, Research Institute for Milk Product, Ministry of Agriculture, Aige Consulting Ltd., 2004

    (Applause¡­) Excellent report, very practical, we feel satisfied very much, with pleasure cooperation. You have proposed many valuable suggestions and findings. We will meet you again for our project¡­

    Market Department, Chongqing Branch, China Mobile, 2003

    ACR distinguished itself from all my partners by showing strong comprehensive capabilities, not only in research, but also in implementation, therefore, our cooperation had been going on for many years. You are good at research of real estate, government resources, marketing etc, it¡¯s remarkable that your reports revealed the actual situation and phenomenon, but also described the essence of problem in very depth way. Over these years, I learned a great deal from our cooperation, and mastered abundant of knowledge and experience, now, I¡¯m look forward to be friend with you!

    ¡ª¡ªWang Zhizhong, the marketing consultant of Sun Shine 100 Shenzhen CHIDU Consulting Company, 2002

    It¡¯s our first time to have entrusted a professional company to conduct investigation on prospective market demand and feasibility for 14 cities. ACR displayed scientific investigation approach, and reliable data, even surprised us by showing your professional handling in marketing management!

    ¡ª¡ªGeneral Manager of an Pipe Material Ltd, Sichuan, 2001

    The overall work is very good except for few tiny problems! The data and conclusion of your research provided us with evidence for our future revision, not only in layout and content, but also in habit and classification of readers, even brought forward valuable suggestions on headline and letter column, well done. We attempt to revise next year, please cooperate continuously in this regard!

    ¡ª¡ªChief Editor Wang, Modern Woman, Chongqing Daily Office, 2000

    It¡¯s said that you are carrying out investigation for LongHu, so we have offered chance for you to try. We are satisfied with your job, excellent! Especially, the suggestions on positioning correction for our project of Refined Garden of Study, which enabled us further clear of target market, it appears that we need to review our original marketing plan. It¡¯s seldom to see such good company, so, we wish you well development in the future!

    ¡ª¡ªZhou Yixian, Chongqing Tongchuang Real Estate Ltd, 1999

    ACR is worthy of trust. The data you provided are reliable, so does the approach, and with a top-class team. We are grateful of your extra guidance beyond the project for the marketing personnel of Longhu Inc, which had been interpreted as a valuable training beyond cost we paid, it¡¯s too late, I want offer a dinner for all of you!

    ¡ª¡ª Fan Qi, Marketing Manager, Chongqing LongHu Real Estate Ltd, 1998

    Cooperation with CMR for three years already, I give my thankfulness to Hai Ping, for you indeed a proficiency in market research, along with your remarkable team, you are so well, in hope of continuous cooperate with you!

    ¡ª¡ªLu Lu, (TNS, Taylor Nelson Sofres Plc), Shanghai Branch, 1997

    You are remarkable indeed! Such project is difficult to be carried out in Shanghai, Beijing, and HK, it¡¯s incredible that you have achieved it with high standard level. As you known, hardly to make an appointment with auto interviewee, however, you have successfully finished these hundreds of interviews on high quality basis, worthy of our learning from your experience, spirit, struggling for challenge, therefore, we believe that it¡¯s right to choose you!

    ¡ª¡ªMarket research specialist, Southeast Motor Company, 1996

    Project has been finished eventually, thanks for all of you! Over the past two weeks, you have slept as little as 3 hours each day, just as the same as us. So, I¡¯m grateful of that, and thank a lot! I hear you overspend? It¡¯s doesn¡¯t matter, we will try to share some of your lost upon you report your cost once again. The continuous cooperation is expected!

    ¡ª¡ªFord Project Group, Vantage Marketing & Research Consultants, 1995

    It¡¯s incredible that your questionnaires enabled us to have resolved difficulty in market positioning. You even surprised us with specific suggestions on interior decoration for the mall, merchandise arrangement, and mall environment etc. many of these be sincerely convinced, which can be paralleled as ¡°the masses have sharp eyes¡±, this research helps us to have found many unexpected problems, so, thank you very much!

    ¡ª¡ª General Manager, certain mall of Hubei, 1994¡¡