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  • Consumer research
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    Consumer Research
    Consumer Research has been quite frequently used and also is a quite basic component in marketing research. For this part, we basically will help you to understand the following special issues.

    Positioning of the Target Consumer Group
    Consumersí» Behavior and Attitude
    Positioning of the Market
    Positioning of the Product
    Market Entry
    Consumer Research
    Market Share
    Competition Structure of the Market
    Market Segmentation
    Potentials of the Market
    Market Demand

    Life Style Research
    It tracks and analyzes the target consumer groupsí» life style in order to analyze and anticipate the consumersí» purchasing attitude, capabilities and behavior under the current and future cultural, economic as well as political environment. It could provide strategic plans for a company in the long term.

    Usage and Attitude Research (U&A)
    It deeply investigates the consumers for one particular product or one kind of products. It mainly includes the consumersí» perception towards the product and its advertisement, consumersí» purchasing and usage habits, consumer satisfaction index, consumersí» attitude towards media, consumersí» attitude towards product promotion and so on. U&A is a quite mature but complex system in research methods, which could measure the condition of that target market, target consumers as well as competitors, thus providing valid proof for your companyí»s next step in marketing strategy and promotion.