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  • Market investigation and customer training
  • Enters the strategy research and the consultation for a French telecommunications Group China Market

    Project Background:
    In 2005, a France telecommunications equipment company plans to enter the Chinese market, needs to understand that the Chinese telecommunication teleconference domain the user and in the profession technology pattern, the user consumer behavior and the present markets service type, the market potential, carry on the potential appraisal to the related service, carries on the analysis forecast to the related organization, entrusts ARC to conduct the marketing research and the consultation.

    Project Implementation:
    After ARC has analyzed in China teleconference service market present situation market characteristic, in view of the teleconference service, particularly aims in the group users and the network service provider uses the telephone media to carry on potential appraisals and the user behavior and so on trade activity and conference understood, has implemented 86 groups users depth visit, in the nation had in the representative city to select 3 major cities, in accordance with the quota for each city to select 15 effective samples investigationsselected, has completed the market analysis and the consultation suggestion finally.

    Examination Effect:
    In the above investigation foundation, ARC has output including the teleconference service market prospect and the potential appraisal result, the teleconference application way, the telephone and the video users preference, the use, the price, market strategy and so on concrete proposal, the French customer to reported by chance gives the strong approval, after this group CEO comes to China personally listens attentively to the report narration in front, accepts in the report with Chinese Corporation by stages to cooperate with the prioritize domain suggestion, and under ARCs help, has established the operational ties and the cooperation directly with the Chinese telecommunication subordinates goal enterprise.