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  • Market investigation and customer training
  • In view of research and cooperation demand, ARC can provide the related marketing research to the signing of cooperation customer on the basis of the relevant market knowledge.

    Internationalization marketing research and analysis ideas and technic to show or introduction of enterprise marketing management services.

    Training goal:
    To improve the customer market research to business management and decision-making efficiency, to provide the technical knowledge for the customer, helps the customer creation value. Let the more Chinese enterprises obtain benefits from the marketing research.

    Marketing research preliminary knowledge;
    Marketing research definition;
    Market research methods and project design elements;
    Market research quality control method;
    Market research for a particular project:
    - Consumer subdivision, use and attitude studies, customer satisfaction
    - Brand image, product positioning, new product development
    - Price of research, promotion and advertising research
    Data Mining Technology in Marketing Management;
    Commonly used statistical and data analysis software;
    Quantitative analysis methods commonly used in marketing decision-making in the application;
    How to effectively read and use market research data and so on.
    Training method:
    A: Purchases the marketing research customer knowledge training program to Our company;
    B: For 200,000 above the Cooperative enterprise provides with 12 hours of free to teach.