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  • Customersí» Evaluation
  • 1 We have firstly found the other company, but they did not have the relevant resource we need. However, ARC has the comprehensive resources. You are so good, and the host is also great! You know the molecule technology, and we had a good communication. Therefore, my American boss praised that your service was perfect. Thank you!
                     ________ A representative office of US Biotechnology Company in APAC
    2 Appreciations! This is our first cooperation. And this project is in a hurry, so our have less communication. However, you have completed the work and cooperated well with the whole project. Hopefully, we wish continue to cooperate with you. Thank you very much!
                                                  ________ A Marketing Advisory Group in Taiwan
    3 <The Monitoring Survey Report about the Real Estate Consumption> is in time. It has the important reference values for us. It will be better if this report increases the payment settlement and the media distributed data. The data is good, but this report is only lack of this corresponding data. Anyway, your investigation is reliable and your analysis is original. We know the customerí»s real thoughts and feelings from this report. You carry out the continuous monitoring, and the dynamic changeable data is useful for us.
                                                                   ________Several customers of purchasing report
    4 Although you are not consistent with our demands, we know you are right through the further communication. The duty of research company is that collection data and acquisition information, but not planning project or entirely advisory. You have completed the task very well. The survey result is very important for us. Thank you very much.
                                                                    ________Tianjin Taida Real Estate Company
    5 We are recommended to you. Nowadays, many companies do not have traveling estate experience, but we know that you are really professional through cooperation with you. The job is in a hurry and all of us are very hard in more than forty days. At finally, we have completed the whole research very well. Thank you very much. I wish continue cooperation with you.
                                                                   ________ A Real Estate Company in Qingdao
    6 Thank you very much. Because we have made Satisfaction Survey for several years, but it was not good. Through we cooperation with you, you completely change this situation. You not only give us the advantages and disadvantages from product to service, but also give us the differences of our users and our rivals. It is no doubt that these differences are much valuable for us. We can improve our work according to the result of survey.
                                                                   ________ A Medical Equipment Company
    7 ARC has showed us that the conditions of the products and brand because of your excellent work. At the same time, we also saw the success and the press of competition. We would implement the overall product marketing strategy and package to promote work, according to the result of research. Our company will carry on the new research, we wish continue to cooperate with you.
                                                                   ________ A Medical Technology Company
    8 Because you have so many mature and professional methods, you could get the data very clearly and detailed which we difficult to get in the past time. We have cooperated with market research company for several times, but this time is better. We wish cooperation with you again.
                                                           ________ A Professional Commercial Advisory Company
    9 More than 2 months of the satisfaction survey have provided us with much knowledge about services. And you have made the scientific conclusions about the problems and advantages which our company had existed. And also you have proposed the specific program and strategy about promotion our future work. This survey is successful. Thank you!
                                                                   ________ A Professional Equipment Company
    10 This research about location and market orientation is very good which made by ARC. We firstly meet so professional research company. We used to cooperate with other research company, but they were very bad. Sometimes, they did not get useful data and result, either the investigation approach and questionnaire design. They did not know the general conditions about the real estate at all, but you are good. You not only have professional study technique, but also have enough experience in this field. I wish cooperation with you for a long time.
                                                                   ________ A Commercial Real Estate Company