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  • The house price was speeding up
       The lastest data of real estate consumption monitoring report have showed that the rising tendency of house price has replaced with watching and blend in first¡¢second line cities, with a round new property policies have issued. However, the house price of provincial cities is rising now. From last half year to this year, all provincial cities¡¯ house price in sample survey has risen. And the average rate of rise is about 19.16%, even some cities increase 45`50%. The fastest period is the first half year of 2010. The NO.4-17new policies nearly have not controlled the house price in third¡¢forth cities.
        It has found that there was a tendency about the demands of purchasing house which was controlled in first¡¢second line cities. The regulatory policy could only control the house price of above level of capital cities, but nearly no effect for provincial cities. On the contrary, because the regulatory effect was not good enough in first¡¢second line cities, so it stimulated some panic people to buy house in a hurry in middle or small cities. And the third¡¢forth line cities have released the purchasing house demands of migrant workers, which is formed for several years. ARC expect that if there are not any special policy, the house price will speed up in third¡¢forth line cities.