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  • The real estate consumption survey is popular
  • Recently, ARC have carried out the survey in order to understand the consumption demands¡¢behavior and references of commercial residential building¡¢the second-hand house and the renting house. It also reveals the consumers¡¯ concerns and attitude changes. This monitoring survey is very popular in the field of the house property under the background of new policy.
    From 1998, ARC has firstly started the consumption study about the housing and the real estate in Chongqing. The People Daily¡¢Market and local media have reported this study. After 2005, this study has not only satisfied the demands of LongHu¡¢Sunlight 100¡¢Lafarge¡¢Zhuoyu and Taida, but gradually evolved into the monitoring project which covered Beijing¡¢Hangzhou¡¢Chongqing¡¢Chengdu¡¢Zhengzhou and Hefei. The property market becomes the hot topic in the general publics and difficulties of the government and developer in these years, because there are so many changes and rolls. How to grasp the secrets and understand or follow up the market, which have became the purpose of the real estate consumption monitoring survey. Because ARC need to provide the effective and useful data support and persistence message support for the customers who have long-term cooperation with us.
    This survey includes: consumption pattern¡¢the notions and attitudes of residence¡¢the trends of price and market¡¢the satisfaction of owner and the brands of developer, etc. With the data analysis of the city, ARC provides the analysis about the urban areas and the project prediction, and periodical analysis information about the commercial project and entered.
    According to the different cities and different years, ARC will provide the directional exclusiveness customized service to the major part customers who keep long-term and depth cooperation with ARC through customization and purchase in order to satisfy the demands of different customers. At present, this survey is only one first-hand depth survey report which about the behaviors and changes of the house buyers and renters in the field of market.
    Since 4.14 new policy, this survey have gotten the special focus by the developers¡¢the government¡¢even the homebuyers. Especially, many customers have gotten the ARC¡¯s further service through investigation and ductility study on basis of purchasing the report in buyers¡¯ demands (living¡¢investment¡¢pension and vacation)¡¢income changes¡¢consumption in the internet¡¢the policy¡¢income driving analysis¡¢transferring the investment demands and the trends of house price, etc.