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  • Is any good for customers in market research?
  • This is a good question.
    To be honest, there is not any good except the market research company gives you some invaluable gifts and cash.
    However, if we do not make the market research, the manufacturers and service providers can not scientifically identify and understand the needs¡¢potential preferences of customers and dissatisfaction which they desire to improve. Thus, the manufactures and service providers are difficult to improve their work, and also we can not get the better information. Therefore, the market research is not only for manufacturers¡¢merchants ¡¢government policy and competition, but improvement products and services in order to supply the better products and services for customers. The market research has so strong vitality because of its eternal value of existence. In modern marketing, the goal of all productions and management are that the values which the customers obtain. And also the enterprise gets customer¡¯s approval and sales profits through improving customer¡¯s satisfaction. Of course, the starting point is naturally not so high for some managers who without the modern market concept. They do market research just for making more money. So some companies would like to investigate their competitor¡¯s financial information and technical secrets, etc. All of these are the traditional and backward business concept, which are not tolerated in the modern market society.
    In my opinion, the market research is not just a bridge and bond between production and consumption, and also it is not simple the effective solution for improvement produces and services; it is more like as digging gold project. Because the customer¡¯s will is full of changes as same as the public opinion, and also it is the creative source and variety needs in modern society. Therefore, it is a gold mountain. All innovation and improvement are derived from the satisfaction of needs and differences. The market research is the weapon for discovery needs and changes. So the market research is the same work as digging gold for enterprises and our thousands of customers.
    Endless life is the source and world, which investigators want to explore and pursuit to. And the better life is the results which investigators diligently search and scientifically create. Because of these values, many people do not want to leave once they entered the market research industry. The market research industry is very special¡¢justice and science, so it is similar or even greater than sanctity as doctors save life. It helps to diagnose and treat the problems of enterprise development, and to solve the difficulties of life improvement and new life creativity for customers. Therefore, the market research industry is a dedicated work. And it is the real defenders and excavators for all customers.
                                                                       ________ Haprian
                                                                            Analyst of ARC