• 杂志订阅:
  • ARC have completed the research of the market opportunities about the An Hui Province、the coast of the Yangze River and Huai River. 2010 /7/16
  •       TWTC have cautiously entrusted ARC to make the special research which about the market potential of the An Hui provincethe coast of the Yangze River and Hui River, and the investment opportunities. Nowadays, ARC had smoothly completed the data collection and most part of the research.

     This is a comprehensive research activity. The samples include the local governmentthe Taiwanese businessmenthe continent businessmenthe citizens’ consumption and the commercial in these cities. Under the support and assistance of the local government, the team members, who include the researchers of ARC and the local executive team, amount more than 40 people, have overcome much difficult, through the two months tense and orderly work. And finally, they have completed all different kinds of tasks very well. This project could promote the economic and trade cooperation of cross-strait after the ECFA conferences and Taiwanese production has entered into the mainland market.