• 杂志订阅:
  • Haprian was invited to Taiwan to attend the ECFA time business seminars 2010/9/12
  •   In late August, HaPrian, the director of the ARC, was invited to Taiwan to attend the ECFA time business seminars. At the meeting, the researchers of ARC had made the wonderful speech to the Taiwanese, which was about the new pattern of cross-strait cooperation.

      Director Haprian said :the mainland is not the old one after 30 years of reform and opening-up. Nowadays, the mainland does not worry about the food and wearing, the economic development is very quick and strong, so there is the biggest business opportunity in the world. Meanwhile, the Taiwan compatriots still retain the Chinese cultural foundation. They have relatively high-level of technology and management. Especially, several generations of Taiwanese have accumulated the European and American modern management experience, which is very precious soft power. The cross-strait cooperation will be the best combination in the world. Haprian said:Taiwanese came mainland to investbuild the factory and produce the production 20 years ago. But nowadays, the mainland much more needs to learn the Taiwanese management experience. It is a great business opportunity that brings back the several generations of Taiwanese management experience to mainland.

      Wang Zhigang who was the chairman of Trading AssociationGuo Shanhui who was the chairman of Taiwan Enterprise ConfederationHan Jiachen who was the chairman of DaChonJiang Yongxiong who was the chairman of the Crown and Luo Tian’an who was the chairman of the Christian Food Company had attended the meeting. Moreover, they had made perfect speech about successful experience.

      The researchers of ARC and Heng Hui Group had introduced the huge potential of domestic demand in the mainland marketthe property complementary of cross-strait and the market of the second and third line cities to the thousands of Taiwanese representative at the meeting. They had suggested Taiwanese to put their new sight to the midwest and the second and third line cities which had drastic changes. All of us thought that the economic development history of cross-strait had begun, the future was limitless well.

      China News and Want Daily in Taipei had reported this meeting.