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  • Data collection
  • Any kind of analysis has to be based on sound data collection. For CMR, we have fully recognized the importance of this point. Basically, there are three aspects which could show our capabilities on it.

    The Nationwide Field Network
    First of all, we have established an extensive nationwide data collection network. We have representative office and cooperative institutes for data collection in almost every single province. In fact, not only do the urban areas our nationwide network could cover, the countryside, which has been believed could be rising with economic development like its counterpart-urban areas-did for the last two decades have also been covered by our networks.

    Sampling and Questionnaire Design
    Sampling and questionnaire design also play an important role in collecting the valid data. There are basically two ways to do sampling called Non-probability Sampling and Probability Sampling. For each of them, there are some other different methods covered by each one, and it is quite important that for different kind of research we need to pick proper sampling method. For example, Random Sampling has been used quite often for consumer research, and the Quota sampling is very effective for the general industrial research. Below is a brief outline to present the basic sampling methods.

    Likewise, there are many detailed requirements to design a valid questionnaire such as the ordering and wording of the questions. For every project, our professional staff will design questionnaires specific for the target groups of that project.

    Collectors Capabilities
    To some extent it may be easier for marketing research companies to pay attention to explore a special research model but to neglect the complexity and significance of the detailed executive procedures in reality.

    By recognizing this problem, we have strict procedures to conduct quality control and choose supervisors as well as interviewers. Actually, within the circle of professional interviewers, most of them would say CMR is a quite harsh company.