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  • Market strategy
  • In the research methodologies and techniques, we have explored and mastered the essence of basic methods such as qualitative and quantitative methods and applied it to our project specifically based on the nature of that project.

    By taking the qualitative research as a case in point, we need to distinguish with which group of people we should conduct focus groups and with which one we need to conduct in-depth interviewing. For example, it seems quite useful to conduct focus groups with consumers or housewives, and in-depth interviewing with managers of top companies in one industry. Apart from the sampling method mentioned above, information about more methods can be found below.

    Apart from those fundamental research methods, we also pay much attention to area-specific research models. Here is just a few of the research models which we have frequently used. More research models will be found in the category of our services.

    Our advertising pre-testing system evaluates an advertisements performance and tracking its effects by monitoring audiences reaction and feelings before and after watching an advertisement.

    We also developed a psychological measure to analyze customer satisfaction and commitment.  It identifies which customers are committed to and satisfied by the brand or service.

    NPD Model
    A New Product Development (NPD) research model has been used by our staff to help our clients identify the feasibility of the launch for a new product and the potential advantages and disadvantages of that.